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explosions at nuclear power plants.. flooded cities.. tens of ttousands homeless. the rising death toll from japan's massive quake.. and the heightened fears of nuclear meltdowns. -------------------------------- ((nats))ááhonkingáá((karen-vo cont)) speaking out against high gas prices. ((sot))approx. 23:09:02: ryan: " every penny counts at this point."é((karen-vo cont)) he overnight jump in prices.. and how much ámoreá you could soon pay. -------------------------------- -((emily))áásotáá' -------------------------------- ((jeff-vo)) and bmore healthy.((sot))(1:47:45) "go, gotta want it, gotta want it, gotta want it, go!" ((jeff-vo cont)) the steps people took toward a healthier 2011... and the test that might have saved one woman's life. good evening.. i'm jeff abell. 3
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abell. and i'm karen parks. parks.some cecil county pesidents are cleaning p tonight... ffer thhir homms were flooded with water. but myranda stephens tells they may have gotten lucky thii time around. 3 20:57 well as expected... there was some flooding here in the town of port deposit, but most folks say it asn't nearly as bad as it could've been 06nats of floodgates!!! the floodgates were open at conowinno dam... and dozens stopped by... to get a good look. 6:16 not something the boys get to see very often soo 20 starting lass night... and into saturday... more than half of the 53-floodgates at the dam were opened to reduce the high water levels on tte susquehanna river... caused by thursday's storms. 5:37 it reminds me of the niagara falls. taking the maid of the miss tour. that's what it reminds me of 43but what's an attraction to some... 11:56
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iv'e been through this drill a few times 58 is an annoyance to others. 10:29 we'rr gonna have a fishing tournament 31 becauue of the risk of high water .. the nearby town of port deposit was under a flood warning all day saturday.mark &pmills got about two feet of water in his backyard... and some of in his basement. 10:42 not at all surprised when they open that many gates that's the way it goes 47but right next door... his neighbor... marjorie... didn't get any water at all. 7:09 we missed this one. hopefully we won't get any more 11the gates were closed and the flood warning was liftee around seven this evening. but mills says he's in no hurry... to cleanup the mess left behind. 11:03 i've moved everything upstairs though so that doesn't really matter 07butt butt butt 11:12 whatever's down thhre it fills up nd then goes back out. pause. not a big deal 18 myranda 23::7 emergency officials say at one point &pthough the level of notification did reach level 6. but there was no need to open any evacuationncenters. pn port deposit myranda stephens, fox45 news at ten 31
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gunfire in nnrth baltimore leaves one woman dead and sends two men to the hospital tonightt ttnight. olice tell us all three werr shot about six o'clockktonnght in the 11-hundred block of gorsuch avenue. so far, find the suspects and a motive. that shooting follows a violent 24-hours inn the city... 3 other shootings injured four people. one happened early this morning on lombard and south broadway. a man was shot in the stomach. late last night.. another man was shot in the nnck on walbrook avenue near north monroe street. and two people were shot last niggh on ferry road. a 15-year old was shot ii the &phand and a 19-year old was shot in the stomach. police say a fight led to the shooting.. bbt they aren't sure if the victims were involvedd new york police is arrested in anne arundel county. county.michael kenny is accused of killing his wife inside a manhattan hair salon thursday.he was arrested friday in millersville in a stolen truck after he tried o
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flee from police.tonight he's being held at the anne arundel pounty detention center. murder charges are dropped against a severn man charged with killing a motorist last august.anne arundel county prosecutors originally charged james king in connection wiih the murder of calvin yyung. yeung was shot to death while wwiting at a stop light at telegraph road and route 100 in severn.prosecutors say newly disccvered evidence forced them to drop the charges against king. 3 two employees of a bethesdd boutique are brutally attacked overnight.... one is dead.... anothhr is hospitalized..... and as john henrehen reports, police believe it all started with a robbery. robbery. [a] as word spread that a mmrder had occurred in an &pathletic apparel store in an upscale shopping district in bbthesda, passers-by expressed. bite, 00.14.04::shock. i feel terrible." bite, 00.08.11 "um, it's . disturbing." bite, 00.15.07"wow. it's very un-bethesda." [b] the
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athletic clothhng ssore; lululemon, frequently scheduled yoga classes on saturday mornings. super: capt. paul starks / montgomery co. police dept. police bite, 00.18.34"the morning employeee who was scheduled to open the store, arrivvd ann entered the store. saw that something was amiss [thinns were] disturbed inside the store. they also heard some noiie coming from the back of the store. she backed out." (:20) [c] the dayside employee cried out for volunteered to enter the store and look around. he saw two women in the baak of the store, one dead, the other suffering from some kinddof surviving woman was sexually assaulted. both were evening shift employees of lululemon. police bite, 00.20.04"what the surviving ictim is telling detectives is that both suspects - there was tww of them - concealed their identities wiih masks and & harford county police are
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inna robbery. happened friday afternoon onnsmallwood drive in abingdon.investigators say two men wearing ski masks forced thhir way into a home. then, at gun point, forced the homeowner to drive to a bank and withdraw cash.both suupects got away in a red boxy style jeep cherokee with a thick black stripe.anyone with information is asked to call the harford county crime solvers.. at 1-888-540-8477. an 8-year old girl is taken to the hospital after being bitten by two pitbulls. it happennd shortly before sixx &ptonight on villager circce near german hill rrad in dundalk. home... and taken to johns ten 3 hopkkns hospital. we don't know her conditionn gas prices.. go up ove. overnight. nationally the price of a gallon of regular gas is now just more thaa 3-55 a gallon.
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gallon. in's 3-54 a gallon. gallon. that's up 2-cents since yesterday. yesterday. we're now paying 45-cents more per gallon ttan weewere a month the pain at the pumps coull get a lot worse if some maryland lawmakers get their way.michael buczzner says a proposed hike in the gas tax has many drivers speaking out... out... natssot23301:32: bob: "we're here to protest the gas tax." they're honks f harmony.. along a busy baltimore county corner.sot22:59:17: nick: "we're just saying enough is enough."sot23:06:26: maryann: "everybody is giving us the thumbs up and sayinn we support that also."the intersection offbelair and joppa road.. natstransformed saturday afternoon into a platform of free speech... against a proposed 10-cent gas tax..sot23:05:25: maryann: them from increasing our taxxs - on gas. gas is high enough. we don't need new taxes on the gas.sot23308:50: ryan: "gas prices are already high.. so sruec.. and other drivers.. put the pen to the paper.. aad signed a petition against the
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proposed tax.. sot23:09:02: ryan: " it adds up. 10 cents there and with gas prices,, every penny counts at this "suppprters of the bill say it has the potential to bringing more than $400-million to the state. it's money they say that can be usee to help repair maryland oads."sot 14:16:23: garagiola: "if we continue on the course without providing additional revenue in our transportation trust fund, the hole is only going to get deeper.during the ast 27 years... more han one-point-five billion dollars.. set aside for road repairs.. .. has been diverted away from transportation projects and moved into the general fund. to date.. just returned to fund state transportation rojects.sot 14:18:28: holds bin: sen. garagiola: "we need to taae action and we need to take accion this year."sot22:59:24: nick: "lets get our economy going instead of tryyng to raise the tax that will kill jobb in maryllnd."in perry hall.. michael buczyner.. fox 45 news at ten.
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if the gas tax is approved, estimates are it'll cost each maryland motorists 125-doolars a year. to find the cheapest gas prices in your area...go to our website... foxbaltiiore dot com slash pump patrol. 3 3 &p it's official. the nfl has looked out the players.the first work stoppage in pro football in almost a quarter century is underway.joel d. smith joins with what it means for fans... and ppayers. karen, if you're an optimist, there's nothing to do now anyway when it comes to the nfl, no practice is being missed, and certainly no games.... but thhs impasse means we don't know wwen the two sides will speak again, and for players, the impact is immediate. imagine all of a sudden your employer says, you can't come to work, don't throw passes on our fields, you won't get paychecks, and your health gone. each side blames the other for not being able toosplit up the 9 billion dollar business. the owners lawyer's saiy this could have
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been avoided if the players would have just met the owners halfway, then walk away rich... demaurice: walked awayywith earking less in 20011 than playsers made in 2009. does that seem fair tt you? i ttnk eventually... in court. the players are suing courtt... accusing the league of conspiracy and anti-competitive practices. this is the first lock-out since 1987, and later on sports unlimited we'll take a closer look at why this is all falling apart hundreds of people got the cold haad acts today...about their health. health. thee packed the for the b-more healthy expo.... &p and for some guests, it may have been the one visit that saved their life. life. (1:47:055 (wide shot) (nats drill sergeant) &pboot camp..... like
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(1:47:45) "go, gotta want it, gotta want it, gotta want it, goo" but this is an fitness.... (1:45:29) "look at that little waist....!" (nats at the baltimore convention - ccnter tooay, hundreds of people....gottmoving.... (1:36:00) "kids are already used to technology and video games. now we encourage them to move in order tooplay the game..." welcome to the b-more healthy expo.... (1:24:48) "so come n welcome to the corner store...." all day, those attending learned how to eat healthy.... (1:33:28) "peanut utter is very good but you wanna watch the sugar...." and be healthy..... ( 1:10:30) "you need to stenthen those muscles..." aad stay healthy.... (1:08:47) "115 over 76, thaas really good...!" (1:18:17) (faashawe) "itt a gorgeous day and everybody chose to come here and be fit with fox 45..." 1:22:00) ((ennifer gilbert signs) "hi, how are you...?" ox 45 sponsored this event.... which had news anchors.... jjdge karen.... and talk show host steve wilkos talking about health.
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(1:16:41) (wilkos) "everybody wants to row old but you wanna stay active. you want your quality oo life toonot diminish so eat right and exercise which ii what i do every day..." (1:42:08) (stretcher wheeled out) "excuse me folks....!" for one participant, the expo couldnnt have ome any sooner. sheewas wheeled to the hospital after a reading of her blood pressure... (1:01:50) (nurse) "her elevation was so higg that haa she not gone it would've been detriiental to her health..." for some participants this expo came....just in the knick of time. (59:08) pgymnastics lands and applause) today's bmore healthy expo was such a success... we're already planning for next year. it will e back in march 2012. &p in the meantime.. go to bmore healthy expo dot com for nutrition and fitness tipp. our viewers also sent in photos from today's bmore healthy expo. expo. a gymnasticc demonstration was just one of
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dozens of events that went on throuuhout the day. and the fox45 news team got a chance to meet oor viewers. this is at the fox45 booth. jeff was actualll so popular.. he ran out of photos.. a fact we're ure he won't let us forget. and when it comes to news in your neighborhood... see it.. shoot it.. send it. you can upload photos and videos to our website. go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on the "see it, shoot it, send pt icon. you can also send phhtos directll from your cell phone to "pics at ffxbaltimore dot com." the best spellers in the baltimore arra.. were innone place today. today.ááspelling bee naassá natsáá towson hosted tte 6th annual baltimore spelling bee today. students who won spelling bees at their schools competed ttis morning. the the winner was eighth grader robbie palmissno from hereford middle school.
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he'll go on to compete ii the scripps national spelling bee in june. 3 thousands still missing after a devastating earthquake n japan. the stories of survival.. and the leaking nuclear reactors that could mean a second disaster for the ccuntry. "whatever you do, do not tell the district attorney we've been talking." talking.. catching an abuser. how prosecutors are using a suspect's oon words to put him behind bars. one spin.. and ooe call from you.. could ppt one of these men behind bars. we ttrn the wheel of justice.. next. fears of a
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nuclearrmeltdown are growing in japan.. following that massive earthquake and tsunami. housley tells us people have been evacuated in a 12-mile radius from one nuclear power plant. 3& fears about a potential radiation leek continue in japan... after a second reactor has problems in the northeastern part offthe country. this -- after a earthquake and tsunami ravished much offthe area. the first reactor had a problem after an explosion at a nuclear plant. thattblast -- reporteddy caussd by vented hydrogen gas fter the facility lost its cooling system. radiation leaks were detected... but officials say the metal container housing the reactor remains &pstabilized... and radiation levels have decreased. yukio edano: "it was not the reactor's container that exploded. therefore it is not the case that a large raddatiin leak is expected."
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ryuichi kikuchi: "officials said 10 kiiometres or 20 kilometres away is safe but the radiation may change and go out wider, it's very get out of here."here in japan officials say more than 1700 people are believvd tt be either killed or missing due to the devastating earthquake and tsunami. the 8-point-9 quake was the fifth-largest in the world since 19-hundred.and it was abbut á8-thousandá times stronger than the one hit new zealand last month. the port town of sen--ai was one of the hardest hit areas. yoshio miura: "i was desperately tryiig to hold on to the shelf that was coming down on me but the ground shook so much i could not hold on to it. i fell and the shelf came down on top of me, but i was saved by table that wedged in bbtween." one report says four trainssdisappeared and still have not been found. anothhr says about 10-thousand peeple in one toww re unaccounted for.naoto kkn: "the earthquake this time caused tsunami that surpassed the limit of that we could ever have imagined."(on cam tag) the destruction located about 80 miles north - of tokyo all the way up to sendai.we're told thousands of survivors huddle in emergencc
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&pcenters waiting for some sort of support. in mito, japan, the effects of the tsunami is being felt as far away as america's west coaat. coast. in santa cruz, california.. docks that are because of waves. - boats... were bumping into each other.. some even capsized and had to be pulled out of the bay by tugboats. at least 40 boats were damaged or destroyed. -+chapman says: "i saw boats crunching up underneath the bbidge that separates the upper and lower harbor..and then i've been on my boat and almost had a 'sunken' boat wedge up boat."damage estimates top 15-million dollars. 3 3 fighting back against crime in baltimore. pooiceeneed your help tracking down a ffgitive. jeff barnd has tonight's wheel of justice. justice. faces on the wheel of justice. this spin will determine who we highlight tonight.. and then we'll open our hotline. you could have a piece of
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inforration that can put one of these suspects behind bars. (()) 22 year old robert elliott is wanted for domestic assault. back in january.. police say elliott went to visit his chillren's mother at her place on bowley's lane near sinclair pane. the conversation.. turned into an argument.jan. 225500 bowleys ln near sinclaar lane domestic assaultbaby's momma 22:36:46 he tten assaulted the victim and began assaulting her by putting his hands around her neck. he then he threw to the ground he thhn left theelocation. robert elliotttis 5-ffet 8- inches tall and weighs 170 escalate and we fear the worst. besides being wanted in baltimore city.. he hassan outstandinn warrant in baltimore county as well. well. you can hhlp put robert elliott ehind bars. if you have any information.. call our otline we'll be back next saturday with more wanted suspects.. of justice". in of the "wheel building a
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lacrosse stick. stick. city police commissioner fred bealefeld met with young pllyers outside m&t bank stadium this afternoon.. where the college lacrosse face-off classic wws being held. the commissioner announced that for the seeond year.. the police department will partner with the parks and people foundation's middle school llcrosse league. we're getting kids to come out after school and burn off a lot of energy. but really start learning the concepts of working tooether and stressing the importance of team and how goal can achieve some success.- success. there are now 12 lacrosse teams in the program. health department is and's documenting lead poisoning &pamong children in the state were destroyed.... the records date back to hee &p1980's and were reported to the state by doctors and health clinncs whenever
10:22 pm
children they examined had their llod... records it will be hard to pursue lawsuits on behalf of poisoned chhldren... in the meantime....the department's lab director has been repllced pendiig the outcome of the investigationn hollywood is coming to &pbaltimore..h-b-o announced it will film the made for tv movie ""ame change" in baltimore.the film will follow the caapaign of senator john mccain during his 2008 presidential campaign.the bring almost 2-thousand jobs to the area and shouud begin scouting locations next week. after a week of rain.. we enjoyed a sunny and mmld saturday. saturddyy meteorologist emily gracey lets us know if we'll be as tomorrrw.orrow..- 3
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"if she asks you about your mommy fight your daddy, tell her 'i don't remember', remember', intimidation.. caught on tape. where suspects are being recooded admitting their crimes.. and the prosecutor now using their words against them. and a horrific bus accident on the hiihway. the moment of carelessness that cost 14 people their
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lives. with fios, when you're watching the picture, it just jumps out at you. -it was like, "wow!" -bam! [ male announcer ] decisions don't get any easier than this.
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abuse. aad many times victims are afraid to testify. testiff. but in tonight's cover us prosecutors are using the suspect's wn words...against t. them. ishaaq rahaman is about to be sentenced to two years in prissn for beating up his
10:27 pm
to testify. because, rahhman's own words from jail helped put him away. "whatever you do, dd not tell the district attorney we've been talking." "i know, baby."he repeatedly called her from jail, despite a court order forbidding any contact. he wanted her to clam up."tell was just a misunderstanding. i love him. have children together. say - something likeethat." "i will. i will.""they realize that the reason that they're in jjil is because of this victim." queens, new york, prosecutor scott kessler is the coontry using jailhouse calls to prove abusers are making victims too scared to testify . "they think that the only way to get out of it is to makk sure that she doesn't help us. and they're trying to do every way that they can to pressure her."the last year, kessler says he had to dismiss about 70% of his because of intimidation. now y - that new york jails are hitting the record button,
10:28 pm
dismissals are down to about 15%. prosecutors are mining calls feverishly for evidence. "he hit her in the face wwth some kind f mettl object and she has a puucture in her we're listening to?"'yeah, these are ecordings from rikers." this man, eric persuade, pleaded guilty to felony assault for burning his wife with an iron. he even told his child to lie to prosecutors."if she asks you about your mommy fight your daddy, tell her 'i don't remember', 'cuz if you telll her stuff, she's gonna use it against me to try to make me po to jail."(reporter: "how many calls,,for example, has defendants make an excess of - 400-500 calls. straight to the victim. while they're in jail. every day, 4-5 times a day." there are exceetions, including calls to attorneys. but, here's tte head-scratcher: defendants
10:29 pm
know they're being recorded. check out the warning signs. and they hearra message on every all. "this call may be recorded and monitored."this young woman is ishaaq rahaman's victim. cnn usualll doesn't identify abuse victims, but she agreed to publicly describe her terror. "the worst thing that he ever did to me was punch me in thh mouth and in the back and i started throwing up and i started bleeding."yet, she says she still has feelings for him. "because i don't only think about the bad things. i also think about the good things."her reaction, not uncommon for abuse victtms. prosscutors hope using protecttthem."whaa's your & message to the inmates? keep your words will e used against you. iican guaraatee it." susan candiotti, cnn, new york. 3 3 anotter step forward in the recovery
10:30 pm
of congresswoman ggbrielle giffords. &pthe improvements she's made.. and where she wants to go once she's released from the 07:04:34 stasia "i think it'll help me perform when i run races" races" a new shoe promises to protect yyur feet.. and one your legs. is it worth thee pricetag? we put it to the "deal r dud" test. 3
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3 3
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fierce fighting in libya.. as moammar gadhhfi tries to keep control of the co. country.áásoldiers chantingáá qaddafi fighters raised their rifles in victory after re- taking the town of bin jawad. bombed out are what's left of a fireeight with rebels. heevy bombing forced anti-government militants to give up positiins in other cities last night. meanwhile.. a u-s submarine and warship moved through the ssez canal to the mediterannean today.. they'll be used to provide aid and help with rescues and evacuations from libya. the ships join the aircraft carrier enterprise.. which arrived last week. 14 people are dead following a bus crash in the bronx this morning. morning. the him off.. forcing him to swerve iino a guardrail.
10:37 pm
the double decker bus top of the bus was sheared off other people were hurr in the accident. pplice say they do have information on he truck that caused the accident. the miraculous reeovery of congresswoman gabrielle giffords continues. doctors say she is now walking and talking in complete entences. sentences.. two months ago.. she was shot in the head during a public appearance in arizona. giffords wants too travel to florida to see her husbaad pilot shuutle endeavour when it launches in april. francisco says... "if the goal is for her to witness the launch in april then our number one concern is that it will be safe and appropriate for her to do that." that.. doctors say giffords has no memory of the shooting. you can now be friends with the pope. pope. the vatican is creating a facebook page dedicatee to thh late pope johnnpaul the second. the pontiff will be beatified in may... andd churcc leaders say they wanted to give the younger generation
10:38 pm
an opportunity to learn more about pope john paul. "his eye would be there, his beard and face would be right there." there." if the pope can be on the internet.. then the face of goo can be on a pizzz ttay. mansfield massachusetts got this old trry froo a restaurant that went out of business. it sat in his garage until this week. when he opened the door.. he saa an imagg of jesus and mary. the vision.. he says.. changed his life. "wasn't really a believer, i sawwthis, i went n ash wednesday and got my ashes. it was the first time in 20 years i walked into church on me." osh says e.""- signs can come in the most unexpected places. 3 07:03:35 stasia "i feel like im bouncing in them" a shoe thaa promises to firm up your legs and glutes. glutes. but at a deal? we put them to the test next.
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ssories.residents in port deposit may have dodged a bullet. the town was unner a flood warning today... as more than half of the floodgates at ponowingo dam were opened... following 2 days offheavy rains.. some homeowners did get some water in their basemeets... but overall, mmre than 215-thousand people are living in temporary shelters ii japan.. following yesterday's massive earthquake. 4-million households are without power... and thousands of people are still missing. emergency crews are scrambling to contain reactors that have been damaged at two nuclear power plants. start on toning up?one product - promises to help you get your f. footing.but will the reebok runtones have you sprinting across the finish line... or &pwill thee run you into the gr? ground?patrice harris puts the shoes to the deal or dud test. test. if fitness comes in first place for you...07:02:32 stasia "ive ddne seven marathons anddthis spring im &prunning a relay race that wil
10:43 pm
involve me running about 15 miles"you probably go the distance when it comes to finding new ways to work out. 07:07:40 stasia "wearing heavier sneakers to trrin and then on race day you wear really light track shoes" 07:05:15 stasiaa"i also like feeling like im challenging my muscles in a differrnt way that i'm not used to"now, one product promises it can give you a running start.the reebok runtone action claams it tones your legs and glutes whileeyou ruu. 7:01:04 heidi "on the underneath part of it, it's air going back nd forth through basically putting you on an nstable surface while you run"so if slow and steady wins the race, does this and baaance ball-inspired pods get you the gold? we put the reebok runtones to the will it work tess.07:04:34 stasia "i thinn it'll help me perform when i run races"on your mark 07:03:32 stasia "they're pretty comfortable, they're really cushiony" get set....
10:44 pm
07:03:35 stasia "i feel like im bouncing in them" go. 07:05:49 nats of tred mill after a solid session on the treadmill....07:03:44 ssasia "i feel like every muscle in my legs is working a little harder to balance like um doing exercises on a balance ball"but should you really race to the store to buy a pair?07:09:19 heidi "its basically saying if you go running in high heels cuz you're agaii put yourself in an unstable surface" surface"07:04:20 stasia "i think that they probably aren'' going to change the muscle definition in my legs, but i think a lot of that comes from eating habits and peight training." are the reebok runtones worth the 80 to 100 bucks that they'll áruná you? 07:07:24 stasia "no. i would recommend it if my friends were trying to perform better in a race and they wanted to presentta challenge to theeselvess training wise." wiss."07:09:15 heidi "i mean the technology's there but its just not gonna happen"so willl it work?07:09:27 heidi "nutrition, cardio, and resistance traininggis what's gonna give them the best result" results"07:08:23 stasia "you're not gonna maaically &pget toned legs justtby wearin
10:45 pm
these shoes around" around"for more informmtion on the reebok runtones, log oo to fox baltimore dot com slash news links. links.patrice harris fox45 news at ten. &p3 morgan state had a chance to go the n-c-double-a tournament for the 3rd straight year.. year.. wwll the bears be the only maryland teem in tte big dance???... find out next in sports unlimited... 3
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ñ .the worst nightmare for
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ravens fans happened at midnight ast nnght... the nfl owners officially locked out the players... players... .joel d smith joins us now in sports unlimited with what this all means... and the rest of a buuy day in sports... joel d... d... .coming up tonight on sports un. unlimited... .if things don't change in the nfl....a lot of people will have a lot of free time on ssndays this fall... hear from both sides on why a deal couldn't get done....morgan state was oping to reach their 3rd straight ncaa tournament... will the bears represent maryland in the big dance???....and there was a
10:49 pm
triple-header of laccosse at m&t bank today... we'll run down all the games of the konica minolta faceoff classic.....sports unlimited starts right now... you don't have to change all your sunday plans yet for tte fall... but the nfl took a big step in thaa direetion lasttnight by locking out the players for the first time since 1987. and it sounds like the two sides are digging in. 3 3 3 3 3 3 the lockout means players immediately lose their health benefits, and now ten players are suing the league for conspiracy and anti- competitive practices. onto happier
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